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Thoughts…Worth a second thought.

Welcome all. This is my first blog post. I hope you find the life stores and inspiration I offer to be of interest.

Think Opportunities

Will my dream fill a vital human need? Is it practical? Will it help people who are hurting? How does my dream measure up?

Will my dream inspire people? People are attracted to the individual or the dream that inspires and uplifts the heart and human spirit. My dream may help me most, but will my success inspire and uplift others?

Can I do my dream in an outstanding way? Excellence is a vital key to success. Can my dream be both monumental and instrumental?

Is my dream pace setting/ Almost anything that is being done can be done differently and better. And when God is involved in my dream, it deserves to be pace setting! Has it been done before?

Answer these questions and watch how God is opening new paths to you. Your future is bright.
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