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The Story of Two Weddings

This is a story of two weddings, one in Harrisburg and one in Williams, Arizona in a small town. It has a historic hotel just south of the Grand Canyon and is the home of the Grand Canyon railroad.

There seems to be a big celebration for the two weddings of celebrities, one in France and one in New York City or Los Angeles, California

But I’m here to tell you that Sedona Arizona has scenery and geography that France only dreams about and New York City never even fantasized to have. The geography of Williams, Arizona and Flagstaff in the Painted Desert and the Grand Canyon does not defer to anyone in the world.

The first wedding was to join two local Harrisburg people. Two people in love. We were married in the office of a local preacher who was a friend of the groom. This pastor develops resources for women who were in need of places to live and some how thrive. This ceremony confirmed our first five years together and made a legal basis for the next 25 great years.

The second wedding came about on our trip to Tucson to see my wife’s grandson. He was a career Air Force non com. Sgt. Michael.

Before we went south out of Phoenix. We hired a car and went north. First, to Sedona, you go north on the interstate and then left at the Sedona cut off. You go west on the highway to a rise. , You come to a rise in the road and it takes your breath away. Your first view of the cliffs into the west and back of the town are unbelievable colors; reds and browns yellows being raised in the East. We have never seen anything like this.

Some people believe this is Sedona, not a large city, it is a small and an intimate town. Some people who are psychics believe that this is the center of the earth. I cannot confirm or deny this belief, but it is known for its mysterious feelings. The people who practice paranormal read the town as being conducive to being psychic.

We tour the town by the hotel that has been recommended to us and look for food. A full day in a travelers book. We go north of town and find out after the fact that we have eaten in a very famous restaurant return for a really good meal.

My friend Gary had referred us to the hotel. A hotel he has used in Sedona. We found it just as he described, the owner was an artist and an author and he had a clean, comfortable hotel.

The next morning when we got up my wedding ring was missing from my hand. I had never taken it off from the moment it had been placed there back in Harrisburg. I looked everywhere for it, everywhere I could think of. I looked in the shower, I looked in the sink drains. I went around the room on my hands and knees checked under the carpet. Yes, I looked everywhere. Nothing to be found. I reported the incident to the owner and offered a reward for the return of my ring. We had breakfast in Sedona and then we drove north of Flagstaff. We toured Flagstaff and followed Route 66 through the old neighborhoods was like going back in time.

We drove east out of Flagstaff to the Painted Desert. The Painted Desert gets its name from the rock formations and the rolling sandy landscape and has for every color. There are beautiful pastel colors in his many tones as you can imagine. The road sign just down the road from the Painted Desert entrance said Carlsbad Caverns but, that meant New Mexico. We decided to leave that for another trip.

We then went to Williams, Arizona. This town is located on the famous Route 66. The main buildings in Williams are two hotel buildings on the north side of the highway along the railroad track of the Union Pacific Railroad. The original hotel was built in the 18 and 1900s and it was meant to attract and to be a center for tourists. The original hotel has been converted for the use of the tourist with a restaurant, a gift shop, a bar, and the support facilities for these things. The second hotel building is an exact copy of the original and it is a modern hotel for the modern tourist.

We went to the gift shop in a really large spacious area. There were many display cases showing upscale tourist items. In one was a large tray of rings. They had a lifetime guarantee. Turquoise and silver, perfect combination for the southern part of the USA. I bought one of those rings and we exchanged wedding vows right in front of that display case. We were married the second time and I wear that ring to this day.

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